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Catheter Manufacturing Solutions

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Catheter Tipping

RF-induction thermoforming:  
catheter tipping, bonding, flaring

Our powerful, flexible catheter tipping machines are valuable for research & development all the way through high-volume production.  Supporting medical manufacturers for over two decades with process development and equipment to produce consistent, quality catheter parts.

Catheter Hole Punching

Catheter hole forming

Designer of premium custom hole drilling equipment to achieve almost any hole pattern in your catheter product burr-free. Proprietary Flow-Through®  technology means the slug from each hole is evacuated and captured. Fast, efficient and low operating costs with superior results.

Contract Manufacturing

Catheter clean room development and production

CATHTIP support medical designers with catheter prototyping and contract manufacturing of simple to complex catheter-based components and devices in an ISO 14644-1 Certified Class 7 clean room. Experienced technicians ensure better quality, consistent results for companies needing a higher standard.

proof-of-concept     •     rapid prototypes     •     process development     •     catheter tipping machines     •     catheter hole punching machines     •     catheter production

Most importantly, CATHTIP provides complete catheter solutions to ensure your catheter product advances to market quicker and is a superior quality product once there.


The CATHTIP Difference


•        Who are we?  Who are you?
•        NDA
•        Application details

i.         Drawings
ii.        Materials
iii.        Specifications/Requirements

2.    PROPOSAL     (Tiered options – anything from samples to automated production)

•        Tier 1:    Samples from on-hand dies/tooling – half dozen free
•        Tier 2:    Cath-Tip production of your parts using our tooling
•        Tier 3:    Prototype tooling – custom die + 3D printed tooling process development
•        Tier 4:    Permanent custom tooling
•        Tier 5:    Cath-Tip production of parts using your custom tooling
•        Tier 6:    RF induction manufacturing platform for your in-house part production (+ customization and automation as required). Can be configured as turnkey solution – “plug-n-play” out of the box.


•        Complete steps to produce required deliverables
•        Orders may be expedited as capacity allows (expedite fee applies)


•        Turn-key process (if desired)
•        On-site setup and training (if desired)


•        1 year warranty and updates
•        Service Agreements available to provide premium support and guaranteed parts in stock with 24hr shipment = minimize downtime
•        Phone Support – resolves 99% of issues
•        Remote diagnostics and troubleshooting via internet connection available
•        On-site technician available

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